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Crystals Healing Stones Natural Larvikite Chakra Orgone Handmade Coasters for Coffee Tea Drinks Bringing Growth Stability in Life For Home Decoration Energy Meditation Pack of 4 of Size 9×9 CM



  • Larvikite Chakras healing crystals handmade coasters balances our chakras with the energy of different crystal and stones used in it to ensure our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Please note that the product is a PACK of 4 PIECES of coaster which have only Larvikite chakras gemstones in all of them. Size is of 4.5 CM of RADIUS as these are in ROUND shape and weight of each coaster is 92-97 grams.
  • Larvikite is a monzonitic Feldspar rock from the Feldspar family.
    It contains Nepheline Syenite, Plagioclase, Perthite, Anorthoclase, Anorthite, Ortholclase, and Albite.
    This stone is usually dark grey, dark blue, or black in color. It also usually has Nepheline or Quartz inclusions.
    Its name is derived from the place where this igneous rock was found. It originated from the Larvik Region of Norway.
    Larvikite is also sometimes called Black Moonstone, even if it?s not actually a moonstone.
  • Larkivite is also an excellent stone to use during meditation because it will effectively still and focus your mind. It will remove unnecessary thoughts, and it will sharpen your concentration.
    This stone will also stimulate your inner visions that will help ground you during astral travel.
    Larkivite will facilitate a powerful connection with the Earth?s energies and help you connect to the spirits of nature.
    This stone will stimulate your inner vision and enhance your psychic abilities.
  • It will also allow you to see the past, which will give you a clear vision of your past life and how it?s influencing your life right now.
    Larkivite will neutralize or dispel negative energies that surround you.
    You will be more aware of these energies, and they will make you consciously decide to give out positive energies instead. This stone will increase your intellect, stimulate your creativity, and deepen your wisdom. It will also help you see your genuine self through your higher self.
  • The energies of this stone will support you on your projects, endeavors, and businesses until completion or until you achieve your financial goals.
    It will give you the wisdom and the strength to turn your plans to reality. This stone will also give you the know-how to figure out complex situations.
    It will help you understand complicated problems so that you can find the best and most profitable solutions.


About Product:.

Larvikite Gemstone
What is Larvikite?
Larvikite is a member of the Feldspar family. The name originates from the Larvik Fjord region in Norway, where this type of igneous rock is found. It is sometimes misleadingly called “Black Moonstone” and even “Labradorite”, more likely because they are all Feldspar minerals.
Larvikite Associations
Chakras – Base Chakra
Zodiac – Aquarius
Element – Water
Typical colours – dark grey, dark blue to black with a blue or steely coloured flash.
Healing with Larvikite
? Grounding ? Protective ? Patience

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It allows us to see the past, providing clarity to visions of past life recall. Larvikite can neutralise and cancel spells that are no longer wanted. It repels negative energy. Larvikite increases our security in the strength of our own intellect, stimulates creativity and the exchange of wisdom. Larvikite helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self. Larvikite teaches patience, and can support when completion and closure to a goal is required. It also helps us to understand and resolve complicated facts and to make decisions that are rational and sober and not based upon our emotions.
Larvikite assists the brain to take in new information more easily. It creates new pathways for knowledge to travel and can open new doors for us. Larvikite can help to make us more adaptable to situations.
Larvikite can help with learning disabilities. It can be used to treat skin disorders and enhances vitality and youthfulness. Larvikite aids in the recovery of strokes and helps brain function. It cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonises the metabolism and helps with muscular detoxification.


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