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KACHVI Orgone Pyramid Black Tourmaline Crystal Pyramid With Pendant Crystals And Gemstones Healing For EMF Protection Energy Generater for meditation Spiritual Crystal Gifts for Reiki Healing



  • Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, giving insurance during custom work. It very well may be utilized for scrying, and was generally used to bring up a reason for inconvenience or a wrongdoer, and to demonstrate a decent course wherein to move.
  • A Shungite Pyramid is a mainstream thing to secure your home or office against EMF radiation, it additionally gives an amazing positive impact to its current circumstance.
  • SIZE 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) Base, 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) Hight 2.5 inches (6.4cm).
  • Emf Protection And Energy Generator.
  • POSITIVE ENERGY The Pyramid’s shape is an image of concordance and mix, it gathers energy, purging and filtering it for its environmental factors.


About Product:.

Black Tourmalian

?Schor, to shield them from earth devils as they their spells. Today this stone is as yet worshipped as a head ; the charm of insurance, a mystic shield diverting and dispersing negative energies, substances, or damaging powers. It makes preparations for radiation and natural poisons, and is? exceptionally helpful in purging and killing one’s own negative musings and inner clashes, and transforming them into positive,

?Usable energy.

?Tourmaline has a place with a mind-boggling group of aluminum borosilicate’s blended in with iron, magnesium, or other different metals that, contingent upon the extents of its segments, may shape as red, pink, yellow, earthy colored, dark, green, blue or violet. Its kaleidoscopic, vertically striated precious stones might be long and thin, or thick and columnar, and are exceptionally three-sided in cross-segment. They regularly differ in shading inside a solitary example, longwise or in cross areas, and might be straightforward or mist

?These precious stones have numerous traits that make them gems that numerous individuals may decide to utilize. This is a stone whose energy is very obvious to the client, as it just appears to work so rapidly.

?The name Tourmaline comes from an old Sinhalese word tourmaline, signifying “a blended shading valuable stone,” or; signifying “something little from the earth.


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